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Want to launch your career in a global digital enterprise that has a start-up mindset? If you’re curious, join us at our next event to hear more about how you can get started and to learn more about the latest technology trends.  

Do you know if you want to be a Front-end or Back-end developer? We will help you to make a decision and start learning immediately. This time we will focus on one of the most popular IT professions – Java and JavaScript  

You’ll hear from some of the best minds in IT about most in-demand professions, how to choose the right career path and how to keep your skills up-to-date. At 3-day single track conference we will talk about: 


DAY 1 

▪️ From A to Z: how we deliver business and technology transformation  

▪️ Deep insights and showcases from leading industry experts 

▪️ A guide through EPAM Training Center programs 


DAY 2 

▪️ Let’s get real about Front-end and why it is crucial at every project 

▪️ Different types of Front-end Developers and their typical day  

▪️ Quiz: are you a good fit for a Front-end Developer? 


DAY 3 

▪️ Why Java Engineers are called “universal soldiers” in programming 

▪️ A quick tour of the Java evolution and forecast of the Engineering trends 

▪️ Quiz: do you understand what Java Developers are talking about? 


See full agenda, sign up for the event on the link and feel free to share it with your friends! 

We’ll be waiting for you at 6pm, March 8-10. 


Short information about the company: 

EPAM  is an engineering company for engineers. There are more than 38,000 of us across 30+ countries, and this year Lithuania was added to the EPAM map. Right now, we are working on the creation of a core team for our brand-new office in Vilnius.  


We are bringing world-class companies to Lithuania in the fields of Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Business Information Services, Retail & Distribution, Life Sciences, Media, Entertainment & Telecom, Software & Hi-Tech, etc.  


Together with our technology partners such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many other industry giants we are changing today’s digital landscape and engineering the future. 

8 kovo d., 2021 - 10 kovo d., 2021

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